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Links to the Xbox documentation:

Link to a post in the Xbox development area at the Unity forum with quick tips for submission:


Final Certification is strictly for titles that are complete and ready for release. Your game will be tested against the latest test cases for each XR, and games that pass all test cases are deemed compliant and ready for release.

Before submitting your title for Final Certification you should confirm that any CFR issues from an Optional Submission or a previous Final Submission have been resolved, or that valid exceptions are in place for these issues. In addition, confirm that you have completed your Xbox Live, Properties and Age Rating configurations in Partner Center as these will be submitted alongside your Packages. Also check your appxmanifest file to confirm that your binary’s version number has been incremented and that the IdentityName and IdentityPublisher values have not been changed.

If you intend to release your game on physical discs, you will also need to confirm that your Store Listings module has been completed and certified with final assets, otherwise you will not be able to request a disc order. In addition, be sure to select the Intended for discs checkbox in the Certify workflow.


Certification Questionnaire and Submission Materials

Prior to any submission to Certification you must complete the Certification questionnaire, located under Supplemental info > Certification in your Partner Center product. Answers to the Certification questionnaire are used to help the Xbox Certification team understand the features and configuration supported by your product.

In addition to the Certification questionnaire, use the Files area to provide in-depth information or supplemental documentation for the Xbox Certification team, for example an Achievement guide, walkthrough or key features breakdown.

Note that you must also provide the Submission Validator log and Symbol files as part of your package upload prior to certifying your package.


Final Certification Submission Process

With modular publishing, it is possible to Certify the Store Listings and Pricing and Availability modules separately to the Packages module. This can be done before, after, or at the same time as the Packages, but you will not be able to publish to the RETAIL sandbox until all modules have been Certified and passed.

  • Complete the Certification Questionnaire under Supplemental info > Certification

  • Upload any additional submission materials in the Supplemental info > Files section. Recommended documents include, but are not limited to:
    • Known Issues
    • Achievements Guide
    • Walkthrough
    • Previous Certification Response Report

  • Make sure the Properties module is completed. Specifically, make sure that the Privacy Policy question is answered correctly, and the URL entered.

  • Make sure the IARC questionnaire in the Age Ratings module has been completed. If traditional long-form ratings are being used for any rating board, ensure that the rating certificates are uploaded and the IARC value has been overridden.

  • Make sure the Xbox Services module is completed, and the Gameplay Settings and Xbox Settings are configured right.

  • Upload your Base Package(s) in the Main branch in the Packages module
    • XVC, EKB, and Submission Validator output are required. Symbol file is strongly recommended.

  • Once the Status shows as Complete at the top of the Packages page select Certify.
  • Select the desired source for the Xbox Live Gameplay Settings.
  • Select Submit to certification


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