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Xbox – Knowledge: Getting Started

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This is a general document on porting to the Xbox platform. Here, you can find information about mandatory platform requirements, controller features, user interface (UI), controller disconnection handling, versioning for base builds, and patches.

This documentation has been divided into topics, covering simpler to more complex concepts that will aid in the development stages, ensuring that the project incorporates well-thought-out porting concepts, optimizing both time and overall product quality.

Throughout this documentation, links to official Xbox platform information have been included. To access them, it is necessary to have access to the Microsoft Partners base and an environment with platform access. Internally check your MCS account access for the correct opening of the mentioned links. This manual was based on Unity development, with examples modeled in C#


Downloading and Installing GDK

To complete the list above, let’s delve into the Xbox Game Dev content to download the required GDK. Visit the Xbox Game Dev platform via this link to download the desired GDK.

Within the platform, look for the section labeled Development Resources and access the Game Development Kit (GDK) downloads link.

On the page that opens, you will need to take some actions to finally download our GDK. In step 1, we will select the type of file that we want and need for the project.

After making your selection, simply click the “Confirm” button, and shortly after, step 2 will become available. In this step, new options will be displayed for you to choose the correct version of the GDK.

After making your selection, simply click the “Confirm” button, and then step 3 will become available. In this step, the download of our tool will be available, just click the “Download Now” button to proceed with the download.

Note: After the download link is provided, it will remain active for only 24 hours.

After downloading the tool, unzip the file and run the GDK executable located in the created folder.

After running it, simply click “Next” until the download and installation process begins. In the example below, the option is shown as “Repair” because GDK is already installed on the machine; for a first-time installation, it will appear as “Install”.



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