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WordPress – Adding content to a Landing Page [Basic]

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Login to a WordPress site with an admin or editor access account. In this guide, we’ll login to Pixel Mechanics website.

Navigate to the Landing Page

  • click Pages on left navigation bar
  • find the FAQ landing page for example, and click Edit.

On the Edit page

Update the title of the page

update the title of the page by editing the topmost & largest text of the page, e.g. “FAQ“.

Adding Heading

Add heading by typing “/” and click “Heading” on the list.

And type the heading texts, e.g. “What is Pixel Mechanics?

Adding Paragraph

Paragraph is the default block in editing the landing page, you can verify it is a paragraph block by clicking & selecting the block, and you’ll see the icon of the paragraph.

Once you verified it’s a paragraph, type the paragraph texts.

Another way of adding heading

You can add heading block by clicking the icon on the far left of the list, in this example, click the paragraph icon and click Heading in the list.

Publishing/Updating the Landing Page

once you’re happy with the content you’ve added, click the Publish button (or Update button if you’re editing the landing page) and click the button on its left to view the changes.

Congratulations! you’ve finally added contents to a landing page.



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