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Using YAMM 

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Write It Right: We often use Yamm to schedule email blasts, and while it’s a terrific tool: it has its limitations. The Name and Email columns should always be the first and second on every list.

Always make sure to properly capitalize names and verify that the emails you input are complete. Streamer usernames should be written how the streamer registered it.


1. Prerequisites

1.1. Install YAMM on your Google account

Make sure that you have already YAMM installed on your Gmail or Google Workspace account. If not, read this article: Install Yet Another Mail Merge on your individual account

1.2. Import your contact to Google Sheets

You also need to have your contact list ready. After installing the add-on, pop-up indicates where to go in the Google Sheets menu to open YAMM.

Close it, then choose to import your contacts from Google Contacts or add emails yourself.

Send_your_first_email_campaign_with_YAMM_and_Gmail1.png Send_your_first_email_campaign_with_YAMM_and_Gmail2.png

As a minimum, your spreadsheet should contain a recipient column.


You can then fill the other columns with information that you need for your campaign.

2. Create your Gmail template

Go to Gmail to create an email template.

In our example, we’re sending a simple email confirmation (banner + text) for a hotel reservation. We added two markers, {{First Name}} and {{Booking Date}} to personalize the emails with data from the spreadsheet.


Close your template to save it as a draft in Gmail.

3. Start your mail merge using YAMM

Go back to your spreadsheet, and select Add-ons > Yet Another Mail Merge Start Mail Merge.


If you’re using the free version of YAMM, you’ll be invited to upgrade to a premium plan for more quota. If you don’t want to, just click Continue.


Enter your Sender Name and choose your Gmail draft. Then click Send emails to start your mail merge.


Warning Once you click Send emails, it is not possible to cancel your mail merge delivery. Make sure you double-check your campaign (draft, recipient list, data, etc.) before sending your email.

A progress bar appears, providing real-time information about the exact number of emails being sent by YAMM.


At the end of your mail merge, a confirmation window opens, indicating the total number of emails sent.


Info  If you have activated the tracker, the tracking sidebar (on the right side of your Google Sheets) will also automatically appear. Learn more on this feature.


Congratulations! You have now successfully sent your first campaign with YAMM. Here’s an example of what your recipients received in their inbox:


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