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Uploading HTML5 Games to the Web Server

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Uploading a game to our file server is a fairly straightforward process. You will need to speak to an administrator to get an account and privileges set up, but once that is done you can add files using a simple drag-and-drop interface. When you speak to an administrator you should specify the following:

  • What project are you uploading
  • What you would like your username to be
  • What you would like your password to be
    • The password you use for the file server should be absolutely unique. Not only does this enforce good security on the web server, but you will also be communicating what you want the password to be to the server admin, so keeping it unique makes it more secure for you as well.
  • Request a private key as well. This is necessary for logging into the web server

Once your credentials and permissions are set up, you will want to download the program FileZilla. This will be the way that you upload files to your project. Once you have Filezilla installed, navigate to File -> Site Manager.

In the site manager click the button that says “New Site” and name it whatever you wish. From there you need to enter in the following things into the fields in the General Tab

For the User field you want to enter the user name that was established with the server admin. Click the browse button to search for the private key that the server admin provided you with.

Once you attempt to Connect to the server, a window should pop up that will prompt you to enter your password. Enter the password that you established with the server admin and then connect. From there it is very simple.

The top right frame in the main FileZilla window will show the file structure for the web server. This is where you will navigate to the folder that contains your project. Generally HTML5 projects can be found in “/var/www/html/megacatstudios/[project name]/”

Once you have navigated to the project’s folder you can simply select all of the files you have saved locally and then drag them into the bottom right frame of FileZilla where it displays folder contents. Overwrite any files that have conflicts. Once the upload is complete, your project should be on the file server. In order to test it, open up the url for it in a private/incognito browser window. The URL for the project is generally the project’s folder name in the file server.

As an example, the test12 project above is contained in the folder That means in order to test the project you would simply go to in your browser.

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