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Setting up tournaments in

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Creating tournament site

  • Before creating a tournament site, you first need to create a account on this link.
  • Find the plus sign on the left side and click the button to create a new tournament.
  • Follow the instructions and proceed to filling out the details of your event.
  • Once you have successfully created your draft site, you can go in and start editing your tournament’s home page. This is what the players will see once you publish the site.


  • Always double check the timezone of your event, especially if it’s open internationally.
  • Make sure all links will direct you to the right site.
  • List all possible questions and technical issues the players can experience from the signing up to playing the game.

Creating and updating the tournament’s landing page

The details on the tournament’s landing shouldn’t be too different from the tournament site aside from the design.


  • If you change anything from the site, you should also change the same details from the landing page. Note that those two should always have the same information.

Requesting for banner and graphics

  • Gather all important information:
    • Name of the game
    • Date and time,
    • Photo and details of the prize/s
  • Put some link reference for the design
    • Get inspiration from the game itself
    • You can search for other inspiration

Inviting players to join the tournament

  • Before promoting the links, make sure it redirects you to the correct site
    • Share the tournament page and landing page’s link to all social media platforms
    • Invite the stream team to join in the fun


  • Invite players at least 3 weeks before the tournament so you’ll have enough time to check their details and interact with them.


  • Check if there’s an ongoing sale
  • The prize could be close to the tournament’s theme (i.e. Log Jammers = virtual ax)

Creating the QR code

There are multiple QR code generators. The one we used was

You can generate normal QR codes based on website links but if you want to add a custom banner you will have to create an account and login. 

    • Once logged in, go to “Create QR code” scroll down to the “static codes” option and select “Website” from the list.

    • Click Next, name your QR code the way you want (this doesn’t matter, it’s just for organizing codes in your library)
    • Paste the website link you want to generate the QR code of and click Next.

You can select any Frame, style and logo of your QR code. There are some built in logos but you can upload your own, select and click on download.

You should have a working QR code.

Creating a contest on Gleam


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