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PS4 Porting Knowledge – Getting Started

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by Luiz Aguilar and Rodrigo Martins


This is a general document on porting to the Playstation 4 platform. Here, you can find information about TRC (mandatory platform requirements), controller features, UI, controller disconnection handling, versioning for base builds and patches.

This documentation has been divided into topics, covering simpler to more complex concepts that will aid in the development stages, ensuring that the project incorporates well-thought-out porting concepts, optimizing both time and overall product quality.

Throughout this documentation, links to official Playstation 4 platform information have been included. To access them, it is necessary to have access to the Playstation Partners base and an environment with platform access. Internally check your MCS account access for the correct opening of the mentioned links. This manual was based on Unity development, with examples modeled in C#.

Downloading and Installing SDK

Before we embark on our journey within the Playstation environment, we need to access and download the SDK corresponding to our project. To do so, please visit this link to download the SDK Manager. Remember that to interact with SIEDEV content, including the SDK Manager, you need to be connected to a VPN or have the appropriate access.

After downloading the tool, open the SDK Manager, and at the top of the displayed window, select the desired platform.

Next, click on “Install SDK”, and new options will appear for you to select the SDK version (this version varies according to the engine version being used for the project, so check the appropriate SDK version). After making the selection, simply click next until the download and installation process begins.

The “Documentation / Release Notes” folder, available in the installer’s item selection boxes, is optional to check, as it contains the SDK documentation directly on your computer, avoiding the need to connect to SIEDEV for queries. It takes up additional storage space, but it’s a personal choice whether to keep it or not, as these files do not affect the SDK’s functionality.

Unity License for PS4

To enable the option to build for PS4, you need to use a Unity Key License for PS4. This license can be obtained through a Sony Manager, and when you build, it will have a “Trial version” watermark in the lower corner of the game.

To build the final version of the game without this trial version, you need to request your own key for game release. This key is valid for a short period.



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