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Producer Toolbox: Reviewing a GDD & Kicking Off as a Producer

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After you receive a project assignment and review the documentation, it’s time to immerse yourself in the genre.

One of the first tool is to establish a Better/Worse analysis. The intent of this exercise is to see what you have to do to meet, or beat, player expectations for the top performing games in the genre.

This exercise should inform how the product is designed, its feature set considerations, and art execution.

Next, we have the following creative exercise that each Senior and Associate Producer should fill out:
  1. What makes the playable character neat
  2. what do people love most in this genre
  3. what makes the environment neat
  4. show us how you’re going over the top
  5. what is the moment that makes you say holy shit
  6. what are the elevated moments you signed up to deliver across the game
This list should be pinned into the game design doc index and notion, and shared with the team to discuss. After discussion, this will turn into action items for the art, animation and VFX team to execute against.
In Aggretsuko: Kawaii Rebellion, these are three examples of the WOW moments:
  • The first time you see Retsuko in the game
  • Transformation from ridiculously cute to incredibly metal
  • Boss battle moments (boss entrances, attacks, and deaths that create spectacle)
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