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Pre-Interview – Content Producers

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Content Producers

  1. Describe your process of conceptualizing content for a marketing activation
  2. What tools are you most experienced with as a Content Producer?
  3. Send a link to the best videos you’ve either directed or managed post on yourself.
  4. Describe your experience working in gaming.
  5. What is your earliest target start date?
  6. Are you looking to build a career in games? 
  7. Are you comfortable working in the ET timezone? We require marketing team members to select a working shift that starts between 10 AM and Noon ET. 
  8. Do you have experience building an individual IG account, including yourselves? Any reservations doing this type of work within the marketing mix?We have one personal Instagram account that also needs to be managed with content as we are continuing to humanize and provide a face for Mega Cat from our leadership team. 
  9. Describe your experience as a Content Producer managing video and art asset pipelines.
  10. Follow the steps in this exercise and submit a view only access version of your Google Doc for review:
  11. Please confirm that you have experience running paid ads.
  12. Are you open to continuing education and training?
  13. Do you have any experience or reservations working in a role where you manage and oversee a subteam for content production, community management and customer service?
  14. Finally, summarize in a few sentences your interpretation of the goal with the following accounts: @megacatstudios on any platform and @steeldeighan on Instagram.
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