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(UPDATED) Presskit Guide 2024

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This document provides information on how to update the DoPresskit websites for the following:

  • Mega Cat Studios
  • 8Bit Legit

Presskit Links


Going To Presskit File Directory

Login to Godaddy with the admin account. Under Home page, scroll down and click Web Hosting, then click Manage of’s Web Hosting Ultimate.

Find the on the list of websites, and click its File Manager

Creating the New Game Project’s Presskit

In the File Manager, use an existing game project, right click > copy. This will be used as a template of the new game project.

You will see this popup:

Add the new project’s name, in this example, our new project name will be Test Game, so you will be adding “/_Test_Game“. Click Copy Files

Once copied, it will look like this:

Editing Data.xml

Click the _Test_Game folder, and right-click the data.xml and click Edit

Now edit the old values of the template to the new value of the new project

Once you have edited everything, you can click Save at the top right of the page.

If you need to add an additional information, for example an additional credit, you can copy & paste the existing <credit> </credit> block of code, and edit its values to new ones.

When you are done editing the data.xml, and Click Save and Close the page.

Updating Images

Next, click the images folder in the File Manager to update the images of the old project.

Overwrite the header.png and logo.png to update the Header and Logo of the Project.

To overwrite, click Upload.

Check the Overwrite existing files > drag & drop the new header.png and logo.png to the page > once the uploads are 100%, click the Go Back Link below

The rest of the images that are NOT header.png or logo.png will be screenshots for the project, you can select them all and click Delete.

And click Upload button again and upload the new screenshots to the Project.

Clearing the Cache

To clear the cache of the firewall so we can see the new changes on the website, go to GoDaddy home page > scroll down to Website Security and Backups and click Manage All

Scroll down and find the, and click Details in Firewalls.


Scroll down and click Clear Cache button.

Now you can visit the project’s page by adding project’s folder name, “_Test_Game” to “” so it will look like this:

Note: the first underscore in the Project’s name prevents it to be displayed in the home page of the

If the changes looked all good now, you could now go back to the File Manager, and rename the project folder from _Test_Game to Test_Game:

To see the changes, clear the cache of the firewall again and visit the home page of the or, the new project should appear now on the list of games.


Additional steps for

In, there are 2 categories, Modern Platforms and Cartridge Games. So we will need to add the new project to one of these categories.

To add the new project, go to’s File manager > right-click the index.php and click Edit

Press CTRL+F to enabled the search box at the top right, and type “_game“, and press Enter. You will see the $cartridge_games and $modern_games variables that have the list of the games.

If you want to add the Test_Game in the Cartridge Games, add “Test_Game” in the list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the games are separated by commas, so don’t forget to add one in the right.

If you want to add the Test_Game in the Modern Platforms, add “Test_Game” in the list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the games are separated by commas, so don’t forget to add one in the right.

Adding a download all images button

In order to add a download all images button in your presskit website simply start from the Presskit File Manager -> *Directory of the game you want to add a download all images button -> images. From here, simply highlight all the image files in the folder, press right click and click Compress.

After pressing Compress this popup will appear

Nothing else to do here but to hit Compress Files. After that, press Reload/Refresh the page in order for the zip file to appear in the directory and simply rename the zip file to “”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the name of the zip file should be strictly “” otherwise the button will not appear in the website.

Syntax Error Bug Fix

Sometimes even if you have the correct syntax changes, it’ll return error messages:

The reason for these errors is because of special characters like ‘&‘. To fix this, enclose the texts with:



See the example below:

After you added the fix, refresh the page and it should display correctly now even if it has a special character:

And that’s all! You’ve added a new presskit page!


Presskit Limitations limitations

  • Only 1 publisher
  • Only 1 game developer
  • History section available limitations

  • Multiple publishers are possible.
  • Multiple game developers are possible.
  • No History section
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