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Guide: Junior Game Designer Test

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Mega Cat Junior Game Designer Test


  • Evaluate research skills in the genre assigned, assuming you have no previous professional experience.
  • Help identify designers that will need to be micromanaged and hand-held through the design process, as opposed to those that can make intuitive leaps and show initiative and creativity.
  • If you care about the quality of your work and will finish your work to a high standard of polish. This can be estimated by the completeness, and quality of the design test submission.
  • If you’re able to communicate your designs clearly and effectively in ways that everyone, not just designers, can understand.
  • If you can follow directions.

Reach goal

  • If you can plan ahead for all kinds of details that affect other departments. Examples: audio cues, lighting, dialogue and story moments, cinematic events, identifying destructible objects or new assets specific to newly-design mechanics.
  • If you did proper research on, and have familiarity with, the studio’s games, or games in the same genre.
  • Demonstrate your mastery of proper grammar and usage.


Select 2 of the following:

  • Take two games and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Deconstruct a level you have shipped in a previous game, including your design process from beginning to end.
  • Compare and contrast how two games implemented the same feature
  • Document a given gameplay mechanic
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