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Guide: Faux VO in MCS Game

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Faux VO is used across games. A great standard is Animal Crossing, The Sims, or The Peanuts.

Each example is vastly different, but, shows an example of how faux VO can be applied.

In Mega Cat games, we use a standard 90 hertz sample tone to work from, the average for human voice tone. 

This is the file to be used for the faux VO in the game, attached below.

  • Start with a 90-hertz tone¬†
  • Take the tone, and make a voiceprint for each character: (Set the pitch, model it on sin waves so it has natural oscillation, the same way syllables would.
  • Then, you can change the amplitude and magnitude to act more like a particular character).

As an example, male fast-talking would be a lower magnitude, lower amplitude.

Slow roll talking would be low amplitude, high magnitude.

You can get a scriptable object to hold the data for the “voiceprint” of each character and set that to be enabled when a given character is supposed to be talking

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