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Guide: 2DNES Switch Patching & Updating

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  • Use Unity 2017.4.29 or higher with the 8.2 Nintendo SDK
    • Nintendo only supports this version or higher, according to White Thorn BTB updated to this version without issue
  • When building a NSP for Switch in Unity you must set the following
    • Raise the increment of the release version number and display version in the player settings.
    • Make sure Development Build is unchecked and Create NSP Rom File is checked
  • Open the NSP in the authoring editor and import the following:
    • Nmeta which contains the age rating information
    • SLIM legal info
    • Game Icon
  • Save the NSP and give it a new name
  • Click “Make the Patch” in the Authoring Editor
    • For the first patch release you will have to point to the original NSP that got approved, and the new NSP that you just created
    • For any following patches you have to point it to the original NSP, the new patch version’s NSP, and the previous patch version’s NSP
  • Hit “Make” to create the patch
    • Switch patches have a maximum file size of 500mb
  • On the Nintendo Development site, navigate to the game’s page under “My Products”
    • Navigate to the Releases tab
    • Click Create New Release and fill out the information
      • Submission date can be any time
      • Release date must be 20 days after the submission date
        • You can release as soon as it is approved, 20 days is the worst case scenario
      • Copy all other info from the initial release or previous patch
      • Upload the patch’s NSP using the Upload ROM tab and hit submit
    • If the submission fails cert then fix the errors in it, reauthor the patch without increasing the versions and then resubmit by following the same instructions as before.
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