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Formatting and Naming Conventions for Non-Retro Sprite Sheets

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Due to the tools that we use to import and animated sprites, along with the needs of processing sprites through DAIN sprite sheets need to be formatted and named in a very specific way.



  • Image dimensions should always be a power of 2 that is no larger than 4096×4096
  • Animation frames should be evenly arranged on a grid, the grid size should be equal to the maximum width and height that an animation frame can take up. (If you maximum width of a frame is 96 and the maximum height of a frame is 32 then the grid size would be 96×32)
  • Each animation goes on its own sprite sheet (This also means that if the same animation faces four different directions, than each direction should be on its own sheet)
  • In the case of pixel art all sprite sheets need to have an indexed palette (Having all of the animations for a sprite have the same indexed palette is preferred)
  • All animation frames for a single sprite should have the same pivot point
  • Sprite sheets are saved in PNG format

Naming Convention

All sprite sheets need to have the following naming convention in order to work with DAIN and our Unity import script:

[Object Name]_[Category]_[Action]_[Direction]_(x, y)(x, y).png

  • Object Name is the name of the sprite
  • Category is the kind of sprite that it is
  • Action is the name of the animation
  • Direction is the abbreviated compass direction that the sprite is facing (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW)
  • (x, y) are the dimensions of a single animation frame
  • (x, y) are the coordinates of the sprite’s pivot point in a single animation frame

Please note the spaces after the comma in (x, y) and (x, y). The DAIN tool and the Import Script will both be looking for that. As an example if you had a Hockey Player wearing their Home jersey who was falling to the North East, had a frame size of 56×56 pixels, and their pivot point was dead center on the frame then the file name would be “Player_Home_Falling_NE_(56, 56)(0, 0).png”

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