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Batch Resizing Animated GIFs for Social Posts

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In order to post animated GIFs of our sprites on Social Media we want to resize them 500% to make them clear and visible on a feed on desktop or mobile. There are many ways to do this one GIF at a time without causing artifacts or compression, but using a tool in the command line, you can process many GIFs all at once for this purpose. The program you will need is called Gifsicle. You can find it here.

Download the program and place it somewhere that will be easy to navigate to with the command line (C:\gifsicle-1.92 as an example would be easy to get to, and will be the example for this tutorial)

Once it is placed on a drive, go into the folder and create a new folder inside of it called “Resized”

After that is created drag and drop all of the GIFs you want to resize into the main folder (C:\gifsicle-1.92 in this example)

Your directory should look something like this:


Once your folder is set up you’re going to click on the start menu and type “cmd” and hit enter to bring up the command prompt. Once in the command prompt you will need to navigate to the Gifsicle folder. This is why we wanted to make sure it was easy to get to. Type in the following command:

cd C:\gifsicle-1.29

If you kept the folder name the same as the example, then you won’t need to change anything and just hit enter. If you did change the folder name or place it on a drive other than C, then you will need to type the full directory in there. Once you are in the folder in the command prompt run the following command:

for %F in (*.gif) do gifsicle --scale 5.0 -i %F > .\Resized\%F

Wait for the process to finish and your resized GIFs should be located in the Resized folder that you created! If you want to resize GIFs by a different factor than 5, then simply change the 5.0 to whatever multiplier you desire.

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