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Apple iOS Creating a Certificate

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  1. Click Create Certificate

  2. Select Apple Distribution

  3. On the Create a New Certificate screen, select Choose File. This file comes from (info here)

  4. Download Your Certificate

  5. Now, return to the main submenu for Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

  6. Select Identifiers

  7. Register an dapp ID

  8. Select App Ids

  9. Select App

  10. Enter a short a description and Bundle ID. The bundleID is the unique app ID. as an example, com.renegadegames.myfatherswork

  11. Confirm, and then select Register

  12. Now back to the main submenu for Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

  13. Go to Profiles

  14. Select Generate a Profile

  15. Select App Store

  16. Select Continue

  17. Under the App ID drop down, select what we created on the previous step

  18. Select continue

  19. Select the location, then continue

  20. For provisioning profile name, ex: My-Fathers-Distribution-Profile

  21. Now go to with both of the files you downloaded


  22. Select My Apps

  23. Select +


  24. Select New App


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