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Android Max Compatibility Options

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The settings we will need for this will all be under “project settingsplayerother settings“. The project will also have to be set for android builds to select the correct player menu subsection.


Android player menu sub settings


The primary thing to check is the API level setting under Identification in “other settings“. The lowest level API we have chosen to support will be Level 19 and the highest existing Level for “highest“.



Next we are going to have set the graphics api to be selected automatically. This should ensure maximum compatibility.



Android Stores and Build File Types


The google play store will require you to make a keystore file to allow it to recognize builds for your app. Set this up under publisher settings with a easy to remember password. Recovering passwords for these files is a hassle.


More than likely you will have to check Split application binary under publisher settings if your app is too big for the play store to accept an APK. you can do that under publisher settings.



The Amazon store and Huawei don’t have this restriction and you should be able to submit just an apk. Also you will have to disable the keystore for any other store than the Google Playstore.

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