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Adding Gitlab Bot to a new Slack Channel

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First, go to custom integrations for Mega Cat, the URL is:

The page looks like this,



Then click on “Incoming WebHooks“, then on the “Configuration” tab. It will take you to this list:




You don’t actually have to make a new WebHook for each GitLab repo, so I recommend picking the one made by me which says it posts as “Gitlab“. On that page, you’ll see the WebHook URL you’ll need for Gitlab.



Copy that URL, and then go to the Gitlab repo you want to add Slack Integration to look at the sidebar for the repo.



Navigate to Settings, then Integrations



Scroll down the list of Integrations, and select “Slack Notifications“, not “Slack Application



You are brought to the page where you can modify integration settings, such as which channel the bot will post to. First, enter the channel name under “Push” events.



It’s the channel name without a # in front of it.

You can add the channel name to other events if you want, but that’s the critical one to get notified for pushes.

Next, scroll down and paste in the WebHook you copied earlier, into the WebHook field.



Then press Save Changes and Test Settings



If it’s working, you’ll get a message from the integration in the channel.


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