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A Brief Introduction for New Hires

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A Brief Introduction for New Hires


Greetings! You are One-step ahead in starting your day with “MEGA CAT STUDIOS” but before that I hope that you are eager to read and learn by heart the processes, soft “rules”, and the general vibe towards working here.

As a primarily digital business, we use a lot of programs to help us make video games and content. Below are some of the must-haves downloaded or bookmarked in your PC:


Github Desktop – Our main repository. Have access for a specific channel and able to take/send files.Great combo for Unity/Unreal GUI database – Great reference website! If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place finding references for UIs, this is the place you go.
Gyazo – This is used to capture anything on your screen. Good for referencing Mixamo – A good reference point for animations. Maybe a bit limited but it does cover a bunch of basic stuff.
Unity – Pure witchcraft. Awesome for building great games. Mantis – Not all bugs are found outdoors! You can report them here.
Unreal – Like Unity. Essential for Unreal builds. Gitlab – same as github but on the web.
Bluestacks – For apk builds. Unity Asset Store – Used to find more references.
Nox –  An alternative for bluestacks. Itch – for some 2d or pixel art references.
Slack – Our main communication tool QA SOP – Quality Assurance SOP (A Must Read Document)




RESPECTAddress everyone as Sir/Ma’am and eager to help one another to reach a common goal as a team 


SPEAK UPInformation flow is very important for everyone. Don’t be afraid to tell your senior/s about it. Especially when you see something that’s not quite right, buggy, or needs revision.


Be detailed as possible – To address a certain problem, we need details. Tell how it happened, where it happened, when it happened.


Action > Reaction – Be proactive. Instead of waiting for something to happen, try your best to make it happen. Look for channels that might need help. Give 100 and more.


Ask questions – If you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to move forward, ask around. Sometimes, things are as they are, broken or not. Your team is there to help you and help clarify things you’re having challenges with.


Play Testing


Real-time testing isn’t about just playing the game, but implementing critical thinking throughout the playthrough. 


You need to list down not only everything that doesn’t feel right/needs to be improved on, but also also the ones that do! Every soft rule will be implemented all throughout, and this is no exception! Be detailed, cite your sources, use resources, make it understandable and speak up!


The Feedback Sheet is the main document that you need for playtesting. Here’s an example.

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