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16-bit Cut Scene Information Standard

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In many of the 16 bit titles that we produce we will render our cut scenes using in-game sprites and backgrounds instead of full screen static images.  In many cases there needs to be special animations made for these cut scenes. Implementing these special animations can be quite difficult for a developer, especially if frames of those animations are offset or meant to be played at a specific speed. In order to assist the developer in implementing these animations, a text file should be provided along with the sprite sheet that details offsets in pixels and animations speeds in milliseconds. These text files should be formatted like this:


Animation Name

0,0 100ms

-1,0 100ms

0,0 100ms

and so on

The way that the offset is measured is similar to measurements on a graph. If the sprite is offset 3 pixels to the left of the center of the frame then the first value is -3. If it is offset 3 pixels to the right then it is a positive 3. 3 pixels down from the center would be -3 for the second value, and three pixels up from the center would be a positive 3. This should be done for every frame of the animation. If there are more than a single animation on the sheet, then you use the Animation Name header to describe the animation that you are listing offsets and timings for.

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